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Physical Delivery Failed to Complete The speaker uses gestures and movement that distract from the speech. Key ideas are clearly explained.

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The three main points are somewhat clear. Needs Improvement Speech is understandable, but speaker uses too many vocal pauses uhs or ums ; words are used repeatedly like, you know words are mispronounced; Lack of enunciation Satisfactory Speech is delivered in conversational manner with appropriate volume, vocal variety, rate and enunciation.

The three main points are missing. The conclusion does not restate the thesis statement. Excellent The topic is persuasive and the speaker makes the topic relevant and interesting to the audience in every phase of the speech: intro, body and conclusion. Less than 3 main points.

I explain where I found my information. Topic Selection Failed to Complete The topic is not persuasive or is inappropriate in scope either too broad or too narrow Needs Improvement The topic is persuasive, but nothing is done to make topic relevant and interesting to audience.

It attempts to support the thesis but does not do so clearly. It is likely to persuade the reader M. It does not come to a strong finish. Nervous mannerisms are avoided.

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