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Create Word documents, edit docs and collaborate with your team wherever you are with Microsoft Word. Simply convert your PDF to Word and then import or upload your converted results into any one of the Word processors in this list. But Google's effort feels more intuitive and comfortable on the Web than Microsoft's app, perhaps as it's been built from the ground up as an online tool rather than an adaptation of existing software.

Scribus was first released more than 10 years ago, so there's a wealth of features and expertise to fall back on.

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If mail merge is an important feature for you then Zoho Docs can handle that too. All of the standard character and paragraph formatting options are here too so you can get your documents looking the way you want them too. And also worth mentioning is WPS Cloud , the company's cloud document storage service that offers up to 1GB of free storage that you can use. It was designed from scratch to simplify idea collecting and organization. If you're one of them and don't want to rely on an Internet connection, here are several free word processing applications to round out our list. Tables, charts, shapes and graphics are available along with standard text formatting options. Personal users are welcome too, and get 5GB of storage space for free. All it takes is a free Google account.

Edit documents, letters, resumes, or notes your way with robust tools that enable you to accomplish your best writing with the best format options. Some will be online and some will be downloadable applications that can be installed on your local computer, but all will enable you to wean yourself off of Microsoft Word and still be productive.


It can plug into Echosign for digital signatures, publish the document to a blog or make it public for all to see. Google Docs is packed with features, which can be further extended with various add-ons.

writing apps like microsoft word

To start using it, you will need a Dropbox account. Take your everyday PDF converter tool, for instance. Dropbox Paper also allows you to access apps that let you embed Trello cards, Youtube videos or SlideShare decks.

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These you can download and install on your local computer. Jarte contains no ads, trial periods or crippled features and is funded through user purchases of the Jarte Plus version. While you can use Scrivener for up to 30 days without paying—long enough for you to write just about anything from a school essay to a novella—you will be required to purchase the full version of the application after the trial has expired. Office subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your Play Store account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. It's perhaps not as slick and modern-looking as some of the other options, but it gets the job done with the minimum of fuss. Edit documents attached to emails, collaborate with your team and bring the Microsoft Office features with you wherever you go. While text can be imported from Microsoft Word, you can't export it back in the other direction, so it's not suitable for situations where you're sending documents back and forth between people. Advertisement As we've said, this is a Word alternative specifically for those looking to get creative with their layouts. There is a paid version of the software that adds on some extra functionality, but the free version is more than adequate and fully compatible with Word and WordPad documents. Advertisement The application itself is compact and lightweight—worth considering on older, slower systems—and there are a pile of plug-ins available on the Web to enhance the software even further by adding in auto-translation capabilities, for example. Please email your request to desire. Office Online For Microsoft Word and Office aficionados, the best possible free online alternative for their document editing needs is definitely Word online, which comes as part of the Office Online suite. Although free MS Word web app is not a full-fledged version of its paid counterpart, it allows you to open, create and edit Word documents online. One of its advantages, especially appealing to users who are reluctant to use services which require email registration, is that there is no sign up with Etherpad.

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10 Free MS Word Alternatives You Can Use Today