Writing a scope of work proposal example

Exclusions: Anything that is not mentioned in the scope statement is outside the scope of the project and should not be done.

A project manager is ideally situated to draft out the scope of work statement, and hence the art of writing a scope of work for a project is one of the essential skills project managers should master. Success definitions: Probably the most important aspect of an effective SOW is both parties being aligned in what success looks like.

Starting early means that the document has the chance to evolve alongside your understanding of the project and your needs. The application should be interactive, easy to use and meet the marketing requirements of Client XYZ. To make that happen, an effective SOW should include things like: Project objectives: Your problem statement.

This way, you get a better overall picture of the flow of the project and can see where bottlenecks might come up. What is the type of work that is being done? Who are the parties involved. Try to balance flexibility with structure.

Well, this is where the importance of spending quality time on writing the Scope of Work comes into play.

government statement of work template

Visualizations, pictures, and examples go a long way in explaining your goals and needs. Objectives: What are the objectives of the project? When all these factors are assembled together a scope statement is produced. Why is a project initiated in the first place?

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Write A Statement Of Work The Easy Way (+ Template)