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The government grants those companies extended patents on their drugs, and these patents protect drug developers from competitors for many years. It is not uncommon for the four largest firms to account for 30 percent or more of an industry's output, and in some cases they account for more than 70 percent of production. Types of collusion Overt Overt collusion occurs when there is no attempt to hide agreements, such as the when firms form trade associations like the Association of Petrol Retailers. This is largely because firms cannot pursue independent strategies. Just send one chaser, and make it brief and friendly. Oligopolies tend to develop in industries that require large capital investments. They command a significant say in terms of operating rates and usage terms. Your press release will automatically become less compelling if it features repetition, unneeded words and phrases, or a joking tone that misses the mark. The intention is to support the argument being made about why this announcement is such a big deal, such as how it solves a problem. Prices tend to be uniform in homogeneous oligopolies. Break up the body accordingly, but make sure that each paragraph is cohesive and flows well from the preceding paragraph. Limit them for clearer and more efficient press releases.

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As with other deliberate barriers, regulators, like the Competition and Markets Authority CMAmay prevent this because it is likely to reduce competition.

Again, approach it like your resume.

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Hence, a far more beneficial strategy may be to undertake non-price competition. To keep yours interesting and useful, keep it short.

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Most other computer software providers are compatible to these three major players. But within that range, all of these players can co-exist with relative gains.

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