Writing a concept paper for funding

It should contain: The expected benefits, both in quantitative and qualitative terms, and when and where they will occur; The underlying assumptions and the reasons why these benefits can be expected; for a specific group of beneficiaries; Considerations concerning how and by whom the impacts will be assessed.

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Project management includes monitoring and evaluation : this section should explain how the objectives will be achieved and how the project will be managed and evaluated. Tips for The Development of your Concept Note Do not overwhelm the reader with details, but avoid sounding vague or unsure about what you want to accomplish. Usually donors do not have a format for a concept note as they have for a full proposal. Number all pages. Number all pages. Title of the Proposed Project 3. Concept notes are also submitted to donors without a formal call for proposals, who prefer to understand a project through a brief summary rather than a full-fledged proposal document. Template for a Concept Note for Donor Funding 1.

A Concept Note is perhaps the shortest expression your project idea given on paper to a donor. Media PPT. Stay up to date about water entrepreneurship!

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Place your name and date in the header. What are the contents of the Concept Note? Activities and duration: a summary of the planned activities to achieve the project objectives should be included here.

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If your concept paper is going to be reviewed by scientists in your field, scientific terms and technical jargon may be acceptable. Name of the Organization 2. This concept paper represents you!

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Most donor agencies request a minimum of one page to a maximum of three pages. These may be, for example: people, travel costs, vehicles, equipment, supplies, services, works, facilities and overheads. This factsheet contains a set of guidelines on how to write a concept note, offering also a template to help you drafting an eye catching document to ensure the success of your project. The type size should be large enough to read easily, and margins should be standard size. How to Write a Concept Note for Funding Donor funding; how to write a successful concept note for potential donors. Objectives: they should relate to the more general objectives as previously agreed and entered into the local action plan. However, the most you will research and prepare the document, you will find that the idea could be changed and even improved, but it might not be accepted by the selection committee Factsheet Block Title Introduction Factsheet Block Body A concept note is a brief outline of your proposed project.

Usually donors do not have a format for a concept note as they have for a full proposal. What has already been done to solve the problem?

Number all pages. In most cases, you will have to write different concept notes for different donors for the same issue. However, if your proposal is being reviewed by generalists or lay persons, this type of language will not communicate your ideas effectively.

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How to Write a Concept Paper (with Examples)