Write a report on nepal earthquake

Today, most of that is gone. We should be careful and prepare ourselves mentally and physically.

effects of nepal earthquake

The major tourism destinations in the district namely Sauraha, Patihani, Jagatpur, and Meghauli have no movement though hundreds of foreign tourists used to visit these places daily in this season.

Further north, in Singati and in surrounding villages, the assessment team observed total devastation of homes and reported limited supplies of food and water. Local authorities and armed forces are liaising with humanitarian partners to identify appropriate site management.

I asked the man who is leading the rebuilding task here how much of the rebuilding support came from the government. Meanwhile, the families rendered homeless by the quake have complained that the monetary assistance provided by the administration is not enough.

There is no food to eat because much of what went on aid hasn't been distributed.

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A Report on Earthquake in Nepal