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Reporting is hard work and takes time.

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I sometimes call it the Literature of Personal Shame. Altman also had a big hit last with The Bearded Lady, a funny look about her body and facial hair read the Thin Reads interview with Mara Altman. From studying the movement of books landing on the list, there are some clear lessons that I've learned. Onward to the next topic. And I am absolutely not talking about some scrappy, thrown-together document. Ask your audience what they want, and give them a few possibilities to choose from. If you find a gap to fill and fill it with your unique perspective, any competitive topic is within your grasp. Your self-publishing profit plan: write nonfiction ebooks I created a plan for my writing students to write and self-publish a nonfiction ebook in 24 hours or less. Believe me, it hurts!

I can make more money in a couple of months self-publishing on the web than I could make in years if I were silly enough to offer my books to traditional publishers today… Can you spare just 24 hours to create an ebook that will sell for ten years?

Josh Hammer's The Honeymoon Killers also made the best-seller list this year. And what about before that? Start writing a list: what chapters or major sections will your ebook need? Please use the words that Amazon gives you for the description.

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Be Topical: This is a critical element and it often distinguishes e-book singles from long-form books. From studying the movement of books landing on the list, there are some clear lessons that I've learned.

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Obviously, fix any glaring typos or mistakes that you spot, but avoid getting too bogged down. Secret 4: Read More than You Write As any successful writer will tell you, one of the most important things an author can do is read.

The Kindle Single store is by far the world's most important digital real estate for authors writing nonfiction e-book singles. Be a Sleuth: True crime sells.

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