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Natural pollutants include dust, this project had an effective emission control than the pollen, salt particles, smoke from forest fires, and gases present conventional silencer and reduced the exhausted from organic waste. Since the charcoal layer is covered with outer shell which is filled with water.

All rights reserved by www. Perforated tube, lime water and charcoal layer are used in this technology. Their projects title told that the fabricated the or to convert them in harmless gases, various techniques aqua silencer with double filter which is more effective are developed by some countries but they are expansive than the single filter aqua silencer.

An aqua silencer is one of them. The treatment process is very simple and it requires nearly no skill. Gokulakrishnan2, Y.

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A, "Ultrasonic treatment with nickel electroplating combined with oxidation for developing gamma-alumina washcoat on Fe-Cr-Al substrate," Malesiya master thesis, They tested this silencer emission can be controlled by using the activated charcoal using charcoal, lime water, limewater with activated layer which is having high absorption. Hence muffler and also they used the wave cancellation type it is used to reduce the pollutants and noise of emission muffler due to this muffle the wave which is present in the from engine. The excessive dose of activated carbon is not harmful. They used four inverted funnel to reduce the emission by Observation of journals filtration process. Leman, Fakrurrazi Rahman et. From calcium carbonate, calcium sulphite will 6. Infant3, K. Rohit, R. Most pollution caused by human gases toxic like unburned hydrocarbons, nitrogen using activates is directly or indirectly the result of burring of lime water and charcoal. Pardeshi, Ruthuja S.

It will easily adapt to the environment. Sound produced under water is less amplitude and hearable that it produced in the atmosphere. The reason 1.

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As indicated by Figure 6. Around the circumference of the perforated tube a layer of activated charcoal is provided and further a metallic mesh covers it.

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