Understanding and new life

Christ gave you eternal life. However, you can experience what this Greater Power means for you individually.

life after being born again

They will fail because of their impatience. You must wait for them as we must wait for you. According to this, how many times it is necessary to receive Christ? This is Wisdom—knowing how to do what you came here to do. What could we offer you that is greater than this? Irresponsible leadership, fanaticism, demagoguery—all of these things are expressions of the great error of attempting to have Knowledge without Wisdom, of attempting to know something without knowing how to carry it in life.

Realizing the contrast between this and what everyone else is doing or appears to be doing will enable you to become wise.

Born again bible study

This contribution is accepted with the understanding that New Life Community Church has administrative discretion to use the donated funds as it sees fit for ministry purposes. This provides the slow and sure way while others rush by you attempting to have what you are learning to have, attempting to be what you are learning to be and attempting to understand what you are learning to understand. When you give, you are partnering with us and what God is doing in helping people to become fully devoted, fruitful followers of Jesus Christ. And commit yourself to learning how to wisely receive Knowledge and how to carry this greater power, ability and relationship in your life. Here a partial understanding is indeed dangerous, for you may know one thing, but what you know is incomplete, and you may be tempted to use it for selfish purposes, for self-defense, for acquisition or for domination over others. Knowledge will speak to them but will remain silent with everyone else. Christ made you a child of God. It requires a remarkable openness to certain things while distancing yourself from many other things, for you cannot be open to everything at once.

It will change the direction of your thinking and give you a whole new set of ideas upon which to build a new and greater understanding and ability in life. Many have failed in attempting to learn greater Knowledge and Wisdom.

It cannot be given to you all at once.

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