Umuc biology 102 103 lab 2 the chemistry of life

Stir until dissolved. How do plants use sunlight and water into all the things that cells needed to grow and reproduce? Swirl each tube to mix. What hypothesis can you generate about the effect of adding salt to water? Lab Session 5, Experiment 4 Chemical Nomenclature.

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experiment 1 testing for proteins

The humans Conclusion and Discussion Introduction Background Information: This lab allowed us to study chemical reactions and how catalysts will affect the rate of these reactions.

How does the basic unit of life passed through generation to the next? Results IV. Introduction: The laboratory method used in the experiment is titration.

Ins tructions However, the chemical state of the copper ions in Biuret solution causes them to form a chemical complex with the peptide bonds between amino acids when presentchanging the color of the solution.

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Umuc biology 102 103 lab 2 the chemistry of life
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