Thesis report on wireless sensor networks

It is a very challenging process in wireless sensor network due to different design issues and characteristics. It operates at 2.

research topics in wireless sensor networks 2019

The nodes close to the base station are mainly targeted. With telemetry, multiple streams of data can be transmitted in a fixed time frame. WSN Security Security is a major issue in wireless sensor network as it is prone to outside attacks.

The different techniques for data aggregation include: Centralized Approach Tree-based Approach Cluster-based Approach Data aggregation is an important concept in WSN as it not only improve energy efficiency but also reduce redundancy of data.

In a single black hole attack, an individual malicious behaves as the black hole node. LEACH Low-energy adaptive clustering hierarchy is a popular energy-efficient hierarchical clustering algorithm. An intrusion detection system is required to detect a sinkhole attack in the network. The main difference between this protocol and AODV protocol is that rather route table, it uses source routing.

The route is selected on the basis of the type of network, channel characteristics, and performance metrics. A malicious message can be injected into the network.

There is a black hole detecting algorithm to detect the presence of black hole attack in the wireless sensor network.

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