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Below we list the types of tours they offer.

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See the schedule here. These old buildings can get hot in the summer, just like they did years ago! Other tours visit the rooms of an Irish family, the Moores, whose infant daughter died of malnutrition, and an Italian family, the Baldizzis, whose daughter helped the museum recreate the apartment of her s childhood.

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Located at Orchard Street, above the Visitor's Center, the new exhibition explores the lives of a Holocaust refugee family, a Puerto Rican migrant family, and a Chinese immigrant family. The museum offers many tours each day, but tours do sell out. There is a bus stop at the corner of Grand and Allen Streets. Your guide will discuss life in that era and help you imagine the experience of the families that lived in 97 Orchard. And how is this accomplished? The Dumb-bell tenement plan was outlawed. The actual history could be excavated. They are mundane and usually go unnoticed, yet as uncovered here they cannot be easily contained, nor will they fit into some ready form, which may be part of the point. But the passionate contemporary debates are not about immigration but about how to deal with large-scale violations of immigration law that dwarf earlier examples. There may always be some resentments of newcomers. Neighborhood Walking Tours These tours are led by guides who show you around the neighborhood while explaining different aspects of the neighborhood.

Tours include topics like how locals spent time outside of their homes a hundred years ago. It was a meeting place, even a living space outside of the cramped three-room apartments.

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Abram seemed to have a more polemical perspective, drawing on 20th-century working-class histories and their theories of exploitation. Caroline died of tuberculosis in ; John died in in a public hospital. Apartment Tours On these tours, you visit the apartments homes of former residents of the building. While the number admitted in the period was indeed greater than in any other comparable period, a similar number of immigrants were admitted in one year period, Additional videos of current store owners in the area, including one from the Dominican Republic, echo a hundred years of immigrant narratives. The law required all rooms to be open onto the street, the rear yard, or an air shaft, for the tenant to escape the building in an emergency. A sequence of about 30 shops had been in the basement between and It is daily life we are asked to imagine here, in all its plainness and struggle, its dirt, noise and passions. And the main theme is as vital now as at earlier moments: immigration. See the schedule here. What is the focus of this excavation?

Note that tours are not recommended for children below the age of 6. The building served as a residence for approximately 7, immigrants from the time it was built all the way into the s.

Image The re-creation of a lateth-century saloon run by German immigrants is part of the "Shop Life" installation. Its imposing achievement in these new shop installations, and in at least two tenement tours I have taken, is that the daily lives become far more important than any arguments.

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The museum also has an extensive collection of historical archives and provides a variety of educational programs. It was a meeting place, even a living space outside of the cramped three-room apartments. The Dumb-bell tenement plan was outlawed. Tours vary in duration so this is something to keep in mind. Note: These tours are on a limited number of Sundays and book up fast. Historical understanding is found in the details. Over time, four stoop-level and two basement apartments were converted into commercial retail space, leaving 16 apartments in the building. And in some of the 29 or so children living upstairs must have been expert carriers of metal growlers filled with lager. Much of that polemical spirit has been shed.
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The Tenement Museum