The shifting of the role of the human resources

They are also responsible for the continuous development and the retention of employees of superior quality. There is also a lot of evidence revealing the direct impact of higher employee engagement on business growth.

Role of hrm in present scenario

They are required to offer their inputs on high level business guidance and leadership on defining the very future of work. Employee experience mirrors customer experience The importance given to employee engagement as a strategic priority has never been more. They act as constant mentors and members of the team of employees that address employee engagement activities, events involving the families of employees, and philanthropic giving. They are also responsible for the continuous development and the retention of employees of superior quality. In this role, the HR team is responsible for ensuring an organization complies with all health and safety legislation, that employee safety training is kept up to date and that workplace safety records are maintained. What Is a Human Resource Job? One of the most effective ways to brave this digital transformation is by hiring skilled employees and also upskilling them with time so that they are able to work in a digitally challenging environment.

HR, a Change Agent "HR has not had much of a role in leading strategic change and renewal as it could have in the past, and needs to have within organizations moving forward," says Marya Besharov, ILR associate professor of organizational behavior. Engaging and involving people in the process is important.

Research has time and again highlighted the abysmal levels of employee engagement levels organizations suffer from. In a well integrated talent management system of an organisation, the line managers perform a crucial role wherein they take the ownership for the entire process of recruitment.

These changes are also bringing about a huge transformation in the role of HR, mostly highlighted in points I mention in this article. The strategic potential of the HR manager was starting to be established.

By Prakash Rao From operating in closed conference rooms to holding a chief seat at the senior leadership table, HR surely has come a long way.

It also strategically managed people and the workplace environment and culture. Owing to this new-found interest in focusing on employees, HR is going to invest in HR technologies that will help them create exceptional employee experiences, right from onboarding to exit.

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This modern view of the employee as an asset elevated those who managed employment to a similar level as the financial leaders. Leading HR organizations are the ones which have already delved into the technologies by hiring the skilled employees and paving the way for a better integration of digital and human labor.

Many new HR jobs added in the coming years, she said, will require more specialization and training from human resource workers and job seekers.

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HR's Shifting Role Within Change Management