The requirement and purpose of effective control

Tailoring control to individual managers. Timeliness: There are many problems that require immediate attention. They must be revised regularly and kept to meet the objectives of the organisation.

It should change according to the changes in plans, situations, environments, etc. Actually speaking, the success of control depends entirely on quick action and its implementation.

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It is quite obvious that if the number of line supervisors is less in the organisation then workers would work effectively and objectives may be achieved in time because they will not take much time in getting the correct information.

Planning Raw control system information is not useful to management unless a comparison to established benchmarks and targets is possible. Economical: Economy is another requirement of every control. A very high degree or standard of accuracy or quality may not really be-necessary.

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In case the control systems can work only on the basis of one specific plan, it becomes useless if the plan breaks down and another has to be substituted. Corrective Action: Merely pointing of deviations is not sufficient in a good control system.

Image Courtesy : 1. Any good control system will pass this 9 principles. If for example, sales estimates are artificially high, a manager might either cut advertising on the assumption that it is no longer needed or increase advertising to enhance sale.

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12 important needs of an effective control system in management