The controversial united states president reagans tax cuts and foreign policy in the 1980s

Bush, one of his primary opponents, to be his running mate. During the campaign ofRonald Reagan announced a recipe to fix the nation's economic mess.


He underwent surgery to remove the bullet and repair a lung that had collapsed. The increased revenue from a stronger economy is supposed to offset the initial revenue loss from the tax cuts.

Winter, Jr. Reagan felt that Americans could not afford to pass students who fail to learn from one grade to the next simply because they've come to the end of the year, and that they could not afford to waste the valuable resources of higher education to remedy problems that were ignored in elementary and high schools.

It provided extra revenue dedicated to securing the solvent future of Social Security. Reagan said the Restoration Act would impose too many regulations on churches, the private sector and state and local governments. The President never told me what he believed or what he wanted to accomplish in the field of economics.

By there were five. Also, the situation of low income groups was affected by the reduction of social spending, and inequality increased.

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President Ronald Reagan's Economic Policies