The blame in the exxon valdez story

Less visible was the destruction of billions of salmon and herring eggs, as well as algae and invertebrate populations.

Exxon valdez oil spill clean up

Another portion drifted away, and another sank to the sea floor. A: Even before I came to have a personal connection with this disaster, the Exxon Valdez oil spill was a defining event in my life. Tierney and E. Leveson, [17] included: Ships were not informed that the previous practice of the Coast Guard tracking ships out to Bligh Reef had ceased. That admonition also serves as a metaphor for many missed signals that a major spill in Prince William Sound was inevitable. The rules were ratified by member countries and, under International Ship Management rules, the ships are being operated with a common objective of "safer ships and cleaner oceans". When he prepared to report it to the government, his supervisor forced him to take back the notice, with the Orwellian command, 'You made a mistake. In , a CNN report alleged that many oil spill cleanup workers involved in the Exxon Valdez response had subsequently become sick. That officer, however, happened to be the same helmsman who had maneuvered the tanker through the difficult passage, and he was overworked and tired. While the community was spared direct contact with the oil, the livelihoods of nearly all of its residents depended on resources in the Sound that had been inundated by the oil. These changes, and others worldwide, have resulted in a large decrease in the number and size of oil tanker spills in the last two decades. By the middle of April Exxon had contracted with VECO Corporation to hire and deploy workers to begin the cleanup, which would be monitored by both the U. To have it suddenly jerked out from under us like this by an oil company causes a lot of hurt. Slowing the vessels meant increased voyage time and consequently reduced profits—the principal consideration cited in seeking exceptions to the regulations. Fishermen went bankrupt, and the economies of small shoreline towns, including Valdez and Cordova, suffered in the following years.

Because the radar was not turned on. The ruling whittled down the punitive damages originally granted by an Anchorage jury to 10 cents on the dollar.

What caused the exxon valdez oil spill

Recent research suggests that executive agreements to relax safety standards reached by representatives of organizations utilizing advanced technology for resource development amount to collusion. That left the ship under the command of the third mate and his helmsman, who was an unqualified able seaman—yet another maritime violation. Joseph J. The court of appeals cited recent Supreme Court rulings relative to limits on punitive damages. Long-Term Effects Numerous studies in recent years have highlighted ongoing effects of the spill—still felt many years after obvious effects faded in Prince William Sound. Subsequent analysts would criticize the hand-off of responsibility to Exxon, a move that had not been explicitly provided for in the revised response plans approved by the coast guard and the state of Alaska. In the ship is a portrait of their patron saint, Joseph Hazelwood. Its effects linger: oil still lying around rocks and in sand, and a profound sense of loss among people. The industrial espionage caper was personally ordered and controlled by BP executive James Hermiller, President of Alyeska. Some fishermen and residents had passed away in the intervening years, others had long ago gone bankrupt or turned to other endeavors. At Nanwalek village, the state again declared the clams inedible, poisoned by persistent hydrocarbons. Initially, the company refused to utilize local labor, including hundreds of fishermen who knew the area, on the grounds that special expertise was needed. The Oil Pollution Act of increased penalties for companies responsible for oil spills and required that all oil tankers in United States waters have a double hull. Alaska's oil is BP oil. But the emergency boat on standby was out of operation, and even if it had been fit for use, it wouldn't have been able to stop the amount of oil spilling from the Exxon Valdez.

It was just too expensive to fix and operate. Ironically, a local marine biologist earlier the same evening had told a meeting of concerned citizens that it was not a question of whether there would be a tanker spill in the Sound, but when.

ACV D. These changes, and others worldwide, have resulted in a large decrease in the number and size of oil tanker spills in the last two decades.

exxon valdez oil spill effects

As with the Deepwater Horizon event twenty-two years later, technical and organizational responses that were supposed to handle the emergency did not do so, and interested parties—as well as the nation—could do little except stand by and watch. He has not found permanent work as a vessel captain since the grounding.

The blame in the exxon valdez story

Repairs began on July Uncertainty over the future has exacerbated the sociological impact. Much of the evidence here comes from those files, useless now to the natives because two years after the spill, when herring failed to appear and fishing in the Sound collapsed, the Chugach tribal corporation went bankrupt.

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Exxon Valdez Oil Spill