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The picture won the Pulitzer Prize. The four journalists became known for the personal and professional risks that they took. If you follow photojournalism at all, you'll have heard of Joao Silva. Within moments Greg and a fellow photograph Ken Oosterbroek are lying shot on a township street in the middle of a gunfight between peacekeepers and local opposition fighters. It defiantly grabbed my attention. The Bang Bang Club is an important contribution to media studies and journalism. The film poses the question raised by the photo but offers no answer. Both topics are fascinating on there own but combined make this book a force to be reckoned with. How many would take the photograph? The bloody images that the world saw seem sanitized when compared with the detailed narrative of events that Marinovich and Silva provide. We are fortunate that Marinovich and Silva have taken time to share their stories and experiences. Marinovich and Silva are two South African photojournalists with a vast degree of experience in covering wartime situations. Indeed, it's hard to watch the dramatic conclusion and not be chilled by the similarity in which Hetherington and Hondros lost their lives. While it is a stunning image and won the Pulitzer Prize, the questions that arose after the photograph about what the photographer had done to help, or not, the little girl in the photograph haunted him. Were their photos intended to strengthen or weaken the government?

Radio satellite tour. It was translated into Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and into German. Its overall value is not as much in its use as source of history, but in how it openly exposes the way journalists suffer in the course of their work, and the heavy ethical and moral questions they face on an daily basis.

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The book covers Marinovich and Silva's personal experience working on the frontlines, as well as that of Ken Oosterbroek and Kevin Carter, both of whom lost their lives to the violence of their profession in different ways. Why is their attention so focused on their enemies of the same color?

It also raised ethical questions about the limits that journalists will go to get an image. Ryan Phillippe is effective in the lead: the newcomer to the club, protected by an indifference to personal danger that seems naive if not suicidal.

The photograph became the cover image for many humanitarian groups in their fundraising appeals. But like all junkies, they also suffered the side effects of their dangerous habit.

Nov 11, Russ rated it really liked it The sentence that best summarizes this poignant read for me is from page , "Good pictures. We discovered that the camera was never a filter through which we were protected from the worst of what we witnessed and photographed. The famous photograph shows a small, emaciated girl curled over in exhaustion while a vulture sits a short distance away on the ground next to her. Perhaps there is none, or it is depressingly obvious. New York: Basic Books, Heard and seen almost entirely through the voice and eyes of Marinovich, this memoir is about, in the words of Archbishop Tutu, the ""remarkably cool, no, even cold-blooded"" photographers who negotiated a war zone for journalistic gain and not the war itself. Silver uses the backdrop of the conflict in South Africa to explore the relationships between the four men and the subjects they shoot. History[ edit ] In the years between and the fight from apartheid to democracy in South Africa was extremely violent. Students of the media and aspiring journalists will find special value and significance in this book, for its unsparing and often graphic portrayal of events in South Africa. He was injured on the same day and in the same location where Oosterbroek was killed in , while covering a battle in Thokoza township.

What led me to read this book was a picture that many people have seen the world over. I started to do some research about Kevin Carter and the photo he had taken this, in turn, lead me to the small group of South Africans photographers who had risked everything to show the world a conflict that was tearing the country apart.

These 45 people, the parents of Kevin Carter also, helped Marinovich and Silva to write the book "straight".

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Both topics are fascinating on there own but combined make this book a force to be reckoned with.

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The Bang Bang Club by Greg Marinovich