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We believe this diversity sets us apart. We provide a range of training and development opportunities so you can create your personal growth plan. Our heritage and values are expressed in our brand promise — Here for good. In addition, it has attracted an uncommon amount of attention due to many innovative marketing strategies it used to promote its product, mostly focusing on social media. For SMEs, the consumer bank manages cash, collections, and payments as well as offering loans. In , the banks decided to merge and to counterbalance their network by expanding in Europe and the United States, while continuing expansion in their traditional markets in Asia and Africa. The bank, in a statement on 18 July , acknowledged that there were "discrepancies in expense claims [that] Like Seeing is Believing, which fights avoidable blindness. As an employee, you can help us minimise our environmental impact and support charity through our various initiatives. Learn more Investing in communities We support health and education programmes. Our global programmes include Seeing is Believing, to help eradicate avoidable blindness, Goal, to empower adolescent girls with life skills, and financial education to build financial awareness among young people and small businesses. They reflect what we expect of ourselves and each other. We value and celebrate the diversity of our teams across all our locations and business functions so that everyone feels respected and can realise their full potential. The bank was ordered to appear and defend its actions, or risk losing its license to operate in the state of New York.

In the bank changed its name to Standard Bank Limited, and the South African operations were formed into a separate subsidiary which took the parent bank's previous name, Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd. Like Seeing is Believing, which fights avoidable blindness.

Standerd chartered bank

You can also get involved with Goal, our programme that empowers girls aged between 12 and 19 with the life skills they need to succeed across our footprint. The Bank started issuing banknotes of the Hong Kong dollar in We strive to offer a safe, supportive and empowering environment for all our staff, and to be a positive employer for anyone affected by disability. The bank admitted the offence, apologized and reorganized its brokerage units. The bank subsequentially withdrew from the deal. This deal represented the first acquisition by a foreign firm of a Pakistani bank and the merged bank, Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan , is now Pakistan's sixth largest bank. We inspire our managers to build lasting, collaborative and meaningful relationships with each other and ensure you are supported, inspired and recognised. It is largely similar to the online banking services offered by other banks, with the exception of its function to issue electronic bank cheques.

The Bank started issuing banknotes of the Hong Kong dollar in This amounts to 4. Launched in the summer of and aggressively marketed, the reviews have been generally positive.

The bank subsequentially withdrew from the deal.

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The DFS said it had documents showing a cover up of transactions allegedly used to fund terrorist groups in the Middle East. Take control of your professional and personal development, learn new skills and uncover your full potential.

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