Research workshop writing an argumentative essay format

Ask others to look critically at your argument.

research workshop writing an argumentative essay format

It is time to stake out a position and prove why it is a good position for a thinking person to hold. Wrong — You need to exercise. Evidence: personal experience and observation.

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You may want to ask someone else in your class, a roommate, or a friend to read through your paper with an eye towards how the argument could be improved. Communal creativity—People will not work and will build productive, artistic, engaging communities outside the workplace.

The Craft of Research. If I wanted to make the unit even more student-centered, I would provide the mini-lessons in written or video format and let students work through them at their own pace, without me teaching them. This has been my number one strategy for teaching students how to become better writers.

But giving yourself this time allows you to refresh your perspective and separate yourself from your initial ideas and organization.

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What opinion, view, or idea do you want to prove? What does this look like?

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A key to strengthening a paper through considering dissonance is to look critically—really critically—at your draft. Just as you should think about what your readers know, believe, and value as you consider the kinds of assumptions you make in your argument, you should also think about your audience in relationship to the kind of evidence you use. What does this look like? Evidence: statistics Sub—claim: There are three overlapping visions of what the world might look like without work: 1. To learn more about this approach, read my post on self-paced learning. See our handout on evidence. Please do not use this list as a model for the format of your own reference list, as it may not match the citation style you are using. Take the evidence into account in developing your own argument and make clear what your viewpoint is. I would also begin writing my own essay on a different topic. Textual evidence 3. As you think about revising your argument, consider adopting one of these four strategies. You want your audience to have no doubt about your point.
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Writing an Argumentative Essay