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The commissary of the police sends Raoul after his brother because the Comtes carriage left suddenly and they believe that the Comte tried to take her away for some reason. Richard sends for the inspector, and the inspector notes that the people in the box were told by a voice when they entered the box that the box was taken already. Sorelli was very superstitious. He gives Raoul a gun and tells him to keep it held at a specific angle. However, Christine sympathizes with Erik and decides to sing for him one last time as a means of saying goodbye. Summary Analysis On the evening of Messrs. On the roof of the opera house, Christine tells Raoul about her abduction and makes Raoul promise to take her away to a place where Erik can never find her, even if she resists. He is very knowledgeable about Erik. Analysis At the onset we immediately experience the distinctive style that Leroux writes in: it is en media res — in the midst of action — as there is chaos about the Opera because some of the ballet dancers have apparently seen the ghost. No one had ever heard or seen anything like her performance that night.

Erik takes off his mask. Mother knows, because she gives him his program. He also thanks all the people who aided him in the investigation of the Opera ghost.

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It is revealed that Erik was the son of a construction business owner, deformed from birth. Well, the fireman in question, who had gone to make a round of inspection in the cellars and who, it seems, had ventured a little farther than usual, suddenly reappeared on the stage, pale, scared, trembling, with his eyes starting out of his head, and practically fainted in the arms of the proud mother of little Jammes.

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During this time, the farewell ceremony of the managers is taking place. Raoul sees a curious pair of blazing eyes in his bedroom and he shoots at it. And, as I said, a fireman is not afraid of fire. Chapter 5 The Enchanted Violin This chapter gives the reader a deep look into Christine Daaes life and the history of her relationship with Raoul de Chagny. Erik is gradually becoming maniacal. Are you there? Christine tells the man that she has given him her soul and is exhausted. Christine regards the man as her angel of music because he is her music teacher and he loves her. Legros, Christine. One day, a little boy who was out with his governess made her take a longer walk than usual; as the boy was following the little girl, her pure, sweet voice seemed to bind him to her. The Persian manages to set them free into the Opera cellars. The two managers start to accuse each other of stealing the money. Christine Daae sings like an angel that night.

Richard, on the other hand, is a very distinguished composer, having published a number of successful pieces of all kinds. So, they just ignore the letter because they think that it is a bad joke.

He asks Christine to marry him and be his wife in order to save Raoul and the Persian's lives.

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The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux: Chapter 1