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All students write exclusively in English and the teacher acts as the postman. Provide a structure for students to fill with their own ideas. Global connections not only make writing authentic, they also enable students to share perspectives with peers who may hold very different beliefs. We choose an adult in the school to write to. During our writing time, when the students write their letters, they have the message to jog ideas of things to write about, and the anchor chart to help with the format of their letter. So Spanish children write in English and English children reply in Spanish. You should also read through the letters your students write to make sure they aren't giving away any personal information, such as their home addresses, or family secrets. Global connections can help to motivate students to include more details in their writing. Students take a nickname and communicate with a different classroom, without knowing who they are writing to. And by the time school ends in June, every child has a special notebook filled with memories of all our hard work over the course of year. PenPal Schools collaborative projects begin every Monday, so enroll today to get your student excited to write! On Fridays, the interactive part of my morning message serves as a spot for students to write ideas of things we did during the week. Drop him or her a quick email to let them know when they can expect your letters to arrive. For each letter insist that students always ask two questions to their pen pal to find out something about him or her. Schemes can be set up with schools abroad where children always write in their non-native language.

Schemes can be set up with schools abroad where children always write in their non-native language. If the idea is a success students can decorate the post box to look like an English post box or US mail box and you might roll the scheme out to other classrooms, with a different colour post box so you never get them mixed up.

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Next I teach an interactive lesson on writing a friendly letter. Read Internet Safety Tips for Kids in order to minimize the risks involved with pen pal communications.

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It's better to be safe than sorry. To accomplish this, they must use a clear structure to organize their thoughts.

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Determine ahead of time if you are going to send each letter individually or in one big batch. Scaffolds for Success Like all classroom projects, this one needs to be carefully introduced and supported.

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How to Teach Writing Through Global Connections