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He has been involved with the educational system of Pakistan as a teacher, teacher educator, and researcher. A degree in historyclaims of Pakistan being an Islamic State which is governed by Allah and is not a mere geographical entity but an ideology reflecting a unique civilization and culture, that was borne of an effort to resist the imposition of Hindu Nationalism on Muslim masses and ward the unethical practices of Hinduism.

Amjad Noorani Adapt teaching techniques for volatile situations: Where schools are frequently closed due to violence, one possibility is home schooling.

Hindus are often singled out as particularly inferior or evil. Qualitative dimension[ edit ] In Pakistan, the quality of education has a declining trend. Always go for interest. Tricia Young, director, Child to Child, London, UK ChildtoChild Make provisions for children with special needs: I think we always neglect the children with special needs and their education in our society.

They again give these tests of the second parts of the same courses at the end of grade Important PDF Files:. All are fully resourced and functioning according to the data available at ESED.

Teachers Qualification: There must be a standard qualification to be able to teach in schools as in majority private schools FA pass teachers are hired. Fred M. Second, to sanctify Islamic ideology as an article of faith, the textbooks distort historical facts about the nation's cultural and political heritage.

In addition, the allocation of government funds is skewed towards higher education, allowing the upper income class to reap the majority of the benefits of public subsidy on education.

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Education System in Pakistan ( Research