Othello essay obsession

If Iago weren't so obsessed with power and control than he wouldn't have to result to lies and deception.

obsession in othello

Spencer manifests the idea of two juxtaposed characters finding stability and compatibility due to similar states of jealousy. Up to the moment he kills Desdemona, Othello's growing jealousy maddens him past the recall of reason.

This essay will explore the various types of love as portrayed in this tragedy. Iago uses sexual innuendos and speaks of other characters sex lives with a depiction of jealously.

When the fantasies and desires of a person turn into an obsession or an excess of greed of whatever it is he wants, usually it will drive a person to do extreme and unrational things hat he wouldn't normally do. No doubt in loving Othello with her we are also loving ourselves; but that may be no bad thing, indeed a necessary one, for a kind of self-love — among other things what his reputation means to Cassio — is at the basis of all honour and decency As each character is taken over and consumed with their intensive, involuntary need for revenge their transformations are overwhelming.

As the characters of these texts pursue the subjects of their obsessions with jealousy and revenge they are soon driven into madness. This line reveals that he is set on getting revenge for being betrayed and thus, has become a goal.

Othello essay obsession

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The True Nature of Obsession (Othello, Endless Love and