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It also has an educational role. Structural analysis shows that the documentary was crafted using a three-act structure, carefully composed shots and continuity editing.

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Text 1 includes two identical pictures of Oscar Pistorius in the beginning and end of the article of him looking grateful and appreciative for his win at the Summer Olympics. The court believed that a misinterpretation of laws combined with a dismissal of circumstantial evidence had caused prosecutors to offer the lesser charge of culpable homicide in The problem here is whether he should just strictly compete in the Olympics or just strictly in the Paralympics or should he able to compete in both like he did this past summer. He went on to state that he had mistaken his girlfriend for an intruder and shot her through a locked bathroom door. On the positive side, through broadcasting on television viewers get to not only understand the rules of the game, but also see successful role models that inspire them. They could rather balance the positives and negatives, instead of always highlighting the negatives. Thus, the media had a huge influence in how Oscar would be perceived as. He first offered his apologies to Steenkamp's family before continuing to claim that he shot her by accident. He maintained the Paralympics World Record at the meter event. This central interview includes Pistorius crying when he talks of the moment he realised Steenkamp was dead.

But well organized one. In Master Sports it is more common to provide accommodation for the disabled. Visit Website Within six months, Pistorius was walking successfully with a pair of prosthetic legs.

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He believed that some people committed crime due to certain internal factors that one had little or no control over. This can lead to media companies manipulating their information to gain support. His hands are held together as if he was in prayer and it accentuates the humility and humble nature of his.

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Oscar Pistorius Comparative Essay Example