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Do this early on. They want to change their minds and maneuver around them.

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A husband might act, sometimes unconsciously, to keep the heroine from reinventing herself. It can be challenging to keep the tension high in such a story, because you may not want to inflict pain on either the protagonist or the antagonist.

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Flesh out your antagonist. The antagonist is, quite simply, the person who acts to keep your protagonist from achieving his goals. How does George live up to yet deny this ideal? Bite the bullet—make life hard for both of them.

How does Editha expect George to live up to the Romantic ideal? Sincerely, Eva N.

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Lacking the obstacles a worthy antagonist would provide, he would also lack the opportunity for growth or the necessity to change, and his character arc would flatline as would your sales. Harry and his allies must confront an array of proxies throughout the series, including a basilisk, Death Eaters, dementors and a host of others before coming face to face with Voldemort for the climactic battle. By internalizing these six tips, you can amp up your antagonist and make him better than he was before. Is there an objective standard for measuring reality among Howells' authors and readers? This guest post is by Laura DiSilverio. Show the antagonist doing something nice. How do we ascertain "realistic" motives? Those people can represent the abstraction and take action against the protagonist. It is a made thing. The same is true in novels. Pleasure and instruction follow from truth-telling rather than the reverse. A hypocritical pastor might make a good antagonist in the first instance, or a ruthless Wall Street type in the second Gordon Gekko, anyone?

Subscribe to our FREE email newsletter and download free character development worksheets! Martin did this effectively in his A Song of Ice and Fire series. How do we ascertain "realistic" motives?

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Remember that Antagonists are people, too. The popular audience "are people of weak and childish imagination, please with gross fables, fond of prodigies, heroes, heroines, portents and improbabilities, without self-knowledge, and without the wish for it" Note the key words person and acts. Follow her LauraDiSilverio. Gearson play in the story? Flesh out your antagonist. George R. What role does Mrs.

How does she conceive of her motives towards him?

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