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Students return to the main group and share some of their resolution innovations.

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Innovate on another part of the text such as the orientation characters and settingor complication series of problems.

Each of us will have our own special way of reading a story. The mere example of my reading aloud had done the trick.

I can share my knowledge with the group.

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I can see a nose, two eyes, two ears, a body, four legs and a tail in the bushes! Section 11 A slow voice is best used for the darkest moments in a book.

My students asked me to read it again and again and again! Although a video never replaces the need for the book, it is nice to have a different model of fluency to share with your students. This would make a great student center to practice once you have finished sorting the sentences in your whole group center. Her books are tremendously popular in the U. Find examples of past tense verbs in guided reading or independent reading texts. Naturally, you can change the fonts if you prefer. Last Update: 29 August In this section:. A rapid finish feels oddly wrong. The one thing to avoid in reading aloud is a cutesy, sugary, patronizing voice. Expressive reading is remembered. Make alternate lists for common adjectives such as sad, happy, good, bad and encourage students to use. Students were asked had to estimate how many cups they thought they could add before it fell over.

Because she had worked with these master craftsmen, Miss Bruford had learned how to pay magical attention to the detail of every single individual word, whether she was telling a story or reading aloud.

So reading aloud is not quite enough—we need to read aloud well.

mem fox books
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