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Current situation of banking sector in nepal 2019

The Nepalese banking sector has the opportunity to undertake a lot of Merger and Acquisition by doing so it will strengthen the customer-base of the banks and also their market coverage. Over the last decade, security of data and transactions has emerged as the major issue with the pandemic rise of cybercrime. Some banks have also begun to use artificial intelligence AI to provide services to their customers. On the assets side, loan and advances held After almost 30 years another state owned commercial bank Rastriya Banijya Bank National Commercial Bank, was established in All our managerial level personnel have a minimum of an MBA degree. Banking in Nepal can be traced in the form of money lending in the reign of Gun Kama Dev in the early 8th century. Of the total deposits Rs. Goldsmith 1 observes that financial development in different countries of the world starts with Banking Financial Institutions BFIs. As the name suggests, commercial banks are to carry out commercial transaction only. Presently fifty five percent of the total share capital of the Bank is held by the SBI, fifteen percent is held by the EPF and thirty percent is held by the general public. And the choices made today will define its future. According to chartered accountant Anal Raj Bhattarai, the growing middle-class in Nepal is fueling the demand for credit which mostly goes towards consumption. Moreover, the banks, nowadays, are entering into non-banking markets and other financial institutions are entering into the banking markets that have traditionally been served by the banks.

Took personal interviews of eminent individual in the banks selected to analyse the marketing strategy. Median 9 argues that despite the recent recession, the financial services sector is continuing to grow in terms of turnover and profits and thus, has a supreme impact on the other spares of the economy.

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In the Mid — Januarythe borrowing increased by remarkably higher rate of In this intense competitive market if a bank has to survive successfully, it needs to attract and retain the customers by offering them wider range of services.

Small development banks and financial institutions either go for mergers or are being taken over by commercial banks. Most origins of money can be traced back to the building of large structures such as temples, or large undertakings by leaders, such as wars.

On the basis of above mentioned sampling technique, there are customers in a sample who give responses for a primary data through a questionnaire that were personally interviewed. The borrowings and deposit increased by In accordance to the set of questions prepared in a questionnaire.

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The bank is the sole banking services provider in the area serving businesses and people of the locality. As our slogan suggests, we have put in all our efforts to insure that our customers make the best out of our services, in the simplest way possible. The share of this sector is Hypothesizes for this study are given below 2. In recent time, increasing competition in the business world has forced firms to become more aware of price and costs, which has resulted in a shift in the promotion mix to a greater use of promotion tools that are cost effective in reaching the customers Boyd, et. Nepal aims to become a middle-income country or graduate from its current LDC status to a developing nation by Industry Profile Introduction: Bank is an institution involved in monetary transaction. Most origins of money can be traced back to the building of large structures such as temples, or large undertakings by leaders, such as wars. Berry 29 , in somewhat broader terms, also has a strategic viewpoint concerned with CRM. Originally, it was not a bank in real sense being simply an office for transfer of public debt. Since mid-July, deposits in the commercial banks grew by 3. In order to regulate the economy and the unregulated use of money Nepal Rastra Bank was created in as the central bank. We are a technologically driven progressive Bank with strong risk and corporate governance foundations. Its function was to supervise commercial banks and to guide the basic monetary policy of the nation.
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Deposit trend of nepalese banking sector