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Shell, the co-director.

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New York University met its quota of 15 students for its science, health and environmental reporting program -- one of 10 concentrations graduate students can choose from.

The program directors disagreed on the impact the perceived state of the journalism industry is having on fledgling science writers, who may stick to the sciences in what they perceive as a safer career move.

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I do feel oddly deprived, though. We encourage cross-concentration study, and we still offer poetry courses even though we no longer have a formal concentration in that field. Two years ago, I applied to eleven programs, told everyone about my applications, and was rejected everywhere. They have published books and counting. This year, my state of mind was the opposite. Although not all institutions that offer a degree in science journalism or writing report a decline in the number of applications, one trend appears to be developing: Programs that exist independently seem to be faring worse than those that can draw on the resources of a full-fledged journalism school. I stayed sane by not thinking about my applications and by making contingency plans. Katherine S. JHU and NC State were the only schools that offered me teaching assistantships, so I visited both schools about two or three weeks ago. So many that I would embarrassed to give you a number. Brad Leithauser at Johns Hopkins, and my world exploded once again. In the end, however, I decided that Johns Hopkins was a better fit for me. Finally, during the last week of the class, I wrote a story which is still unpublished that I thought was perfect. I am totally shocked that this is actually going to happen.

Since I knew that I only wanted to go to a program that would giving me teaching assistantship that included a stipend and a tuition waiver, I continued to apply to many of the most selective schools which also tend to be the best funded schools.

Whether that's a reflection of would-be applicants' awareness of the weak job market in science journalism, Finkbeiner isn't certain, but she thinks it might be a factor. These students will also be able to take some classes online if they wish to, although they will still be able to earn the MA degree in the same timeframe without taking any online classes, if they prefer.

But I still needed to find precisely the right kind of sci-fi story—a story of high literary quality that would be readily comprehensible to an audience that was not very familiar with written sci-fi. Finkbeiner believes that the program's closure is tied to a larger university initiative emphasizing its undergraduate curriculum and deemphasizing its graduate programs.

Our reading courses are craft-based, meaning we study literature for what we can learn from it as writers as well as what it represents in terms of culture and art. Katherine Newman, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, confirmed that as the reason that she decided to close the program.

Johns hopkins writing program

Overall, we focus on craft and helping our imaginative students write, publish, and edit at the highest levels possible. I wanted a program that was going to be okay with the genre-influenced work that I want to do. Students will now have a choice to take their MA in Writing courses onsite in Baltimore or Washington, DC, to take them all online, or to take a mix of the two modalities. While courses are offered year-round, including a summer term, our flexible program allows students to take a term or two off as their schedules require. Adding an MA degree that can be earned fully online will create opportunities for lifelong learners who are serious about writing and who wish to become better writers to earn that degree from Johns Hopkins University, no matter where in the country or the world they live. Finkbeiner, who resigned from the university after learning the program was ending, says that the program typically received between 20 and 30 applicants per year and accepted four to six. I knew that I needed to apply with stories that reflected the work I was going to do once I got to the workshop.

InColumbia University announced that it was closing its earth and environmental science journalism program because of "current weakness in the job market for environmental journalists. We encourage cross-concentration study, and we still offer poetry courses even though we no longer have a formal concentration in that field.

Our workshops can be general or specific, such as novel writing, profile writing, review-writing, the memoir, the personal essay, short story writing, or other forms. No disrespect was intended in leaving them off our short list.

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