How to write a metes and bounds legal description

Since such opinion is contrary to the law as to the determination of boundary lines by disregarding that each deed located the tract as existing exclusively in one land lot and recognizing the definite boundary as the land lot line, and since Storey admits that the land lot line was correctly determined by the Westbrook survey of and the Mitchell survey ofthen there was no probative evidence to support the jury verdict and judgment decreeing the boundary line as set forth in the verdict.

Subdivision Lot and Block If real estate is located in a subdivision, the legal description may be very simple. Example of a Shortplat Legal Description Condominium legals reference Unit number, sometimes a Building number, and the subdivision name with the volume and page that it was recorded under in County records plus the Condo Declaration Recording Number.

Especially in this case, a surveyor may not have been involved in writing the original or parent legal description and almost certainly was not involved in the subsequent legal description. Subdivisions, shortplats, and even condominiums are under this umbrella.

And because the tax records are not legal records, the summary description show in the tax records may actually describe a different property than the prior deed.

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Our legal description assistance service can locate your legal description for you and re-type it for use on your new deed. If more complex GIS databases include building footprints and even 3D encoding Z coordinates from instruments, legals, and other updates zoning, building permits, condominium documents.

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A street address is not a legal description. Westbrook marked out with iron stakes the boundary lines that he had measured.

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Metes and Bounds