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Professional advice should preferably be sought for such negotiations, and is essential where you are asked to sign a Compromise Agreement setting out comprehensive terms of settlement. SB - Oct AM I was given a date when my redundancy would be paid up but the company has failed to honor it saying the have financial difficulties was I mislead and can anything be done?

Please help me, i am a Ghanaian citizen. It should take place at least 30 days before the redundancies are due to begin or 90 days if more than employees are affected. Where your employer has by custom and practice paid bonuses to employees where they have left employment before the year end bonus has been determined, then you should also be paid such bonus in line with this practice.

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If you are absent under contractual holiday arrangements, or because you're ill, because of pregnancy or childbirth, or because of adoption, parental or paternity leave, you will be entitled to payment. This is known as a protective award.

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My boss went on to tell me that one of my subordinates has been offered his equivalent position in the new set-up if he wants it. Employers therefore need to be familiar with it. The guide represents a combination of good practice recommendations and practical guidance, together with a summary of an employer's strict legal obligations, including the recent changes. Often in the latter type of arrangement, employees are not even aware of the basis of the calculation upon which the bonus is paid. On 6 April , the government brought in a number of significant legislative changes aimed at creating a more effective collective redundancy regime see box " Changes to TULRCA ". If the bonus is discretionary, the position is more difficult. There are many different types of bonus schemes. You are entitled to a four-week statutory trial period in the new position. Our Response: I am sorry to hear this. RedundancyExpert - 9-Oct AM I have been put a risk of redundancy and my notice period is 6 months. This particular team member is highly valuable and they definitely do need him. I was already on the verge of resigning and suing the company for Constructive Dismissal and my HR dept know that I have a strong case. The guide lists the commonly included provisions of an agreement for a procedure and includes a sample procedure at Appendix 2 , and sets out the benefits that Acas perceives such a procedure can bring to both employers and employees. I was already on the verge of leaving since the company has not offered any benefits package for 2 years of service! Shafted - May PM Tony - you're not being made redundant - you've had a performance review and you have under performed so you are being 'let go', is how I see it.

ThanksAndy Our Response: Unless your contract say otherwise, and sets a time limit on you being allowed to keep the car as a specific company policy, or it is negotiated with your employer as part of your redundancy package, then you would generally have to hand the car back when you have worked your notice and leave.

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Redundancy: your right to consultation