How curley s wife portrayed in the movie mice and men

In the early fifties, Walt DIsney was inspired to build Disneyland because he wanted a clean place, where parents and children could enjoy spending time at an amusement park together. And the meanness and the plannings and the discontent and the ache for attention were all gone from her face.

Alive, she is connected to Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Of mice and men movie vs book

To what extent do you think that this is true? In the film she is however shown to be a sympathetic, fairly intelligent and innocent person. What Is Her Importance in the Novel? He protests against the treatment of the mentally retarded, cripples, African American people and the viewing of women as possessions. This is part of the different representation of the death scenes in the film and the book. I think this …show more content… I do not think the book did a good job on describing Curley. The novella tells the story of two itinerant workers, George Milton and Lennie Small, who are in search of a new job and looking for new opportunities as they move from ranch to ranch.

Firstly a white dove represents peace, so she is now at peace and not desperately enduring her unhappy life, she is freed from her hopeless dreams and brutal husbamd. I will be responding to the question describe an important character and explain how the character helped you understand an important message.

Some of the loneliest characters we come across in the novel are Candy, an old man with only one hand, Crooks, a black cripple and Curley's Wife, a woman who has no name; she is lonely even though she is married.

curleys wife book vs movie

In depression era America, no greater truth could be said. Her dreams make her more human and vulnerable. Her name was May. Lennie was not much different between the book and the two movies.

of mice and men curleys wife

She has full, rouged lips and wide-spaced eyes, heavily made up. At the end of the film, when Lennie and Curleys wife are talking, tension is slowly built up in the lead up to her death because of the head to head shot used and the two characters heads moving closer together.

She was very pretty and simple, and her face was sweet and young.

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To What Extent Curley's Wife a Victim in Of Mice and Men