Help writing a limerick poem

Let me give you an example: There was a young fellow named Hall Who fell in the spring in the fall. Here follows some samples thereof.

help writing a limerick poem

Thanks so much for the great courses. And finally, this Edward Lear limerick example describes an interesting character: There was a Young Person of Crete, Whose toilette was far from complete; She dressed in a sack, Spickle-speckled with black, That ombliferous person of Crete.

limerick poems

The earliest known example comes from the 11th century! Marty Marty the wizard is the master of Imagine Forest. Now think of a feature or an event and write a line that ends in a word that rhymes with Cancun, such as: Whose eyes were as round as the moon.

Example: There once was a boy from Cancun. You are always looking forward to the next lesson like a good novel!!!

limerick poem generator
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How to Write a Limerick