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Six to nine months for proposal writing and director assignment, then nine months to write the thesis. Thesis Readings Each History thesis is read by at least two impartial members of the Board of Tutors, assigned by the Department.

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In addition, the student must convince the Board of Examiners of their qualifications for the highest recommendation through their performance on the oral examination. Consequently, the seminars will focus much attention on the unique challenges of writing an extended, multi-chapter work. Six to nine months for proposal writing and director assignment, then nine months to write the thesis. Audience members also learn from these dedicated and talented young scholars even as they teach them new ways of conceiving and pursuing their projects. You should be prepared for the entire process, from CTP registration to submission of the final draft of your thesis, to take months. Moreover, thesis work must represent thoughtful engagement in new academic scholarship. The standing of those students at the border of two different degrees may also be determined through an oral examination administered by the Board of Examiners. At this stage, the potential thesis director may request changes to the thesis proposal to more closely align with his or her expertise.

If you want to draw or expand upon your own previous scholarship for a small portion of your thesis, you must obtain the explicit permission of your research advisor and cite the work in both the proposal and thesis.

Tuition To ensure affordability, tuition rates for thesis work are the same as our regular 4-credit, graduate-level courses. Each year a large number of rising seniors find funding for summer thesis research. June 1 to be a May graduate final draft of the thesis due March 1.

This conference supplies opportunities to engage in cross-disciplinary dialogues. During this stage you are working in a consistent, regular manner to complete the research by your required nine-month timeline, which may take you beyond the ordinary semester schedule.

Any degree candidate who does not receive the A. Many thesis writers will submit work in advance of the deadlines listed on the timetable, following schedules worked out with their individual advisers.

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If History is the secondary field of a joint concentration, there is only one History reader. You need to make self-directed progress on the proposal without special prompting from the research advisor.

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