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If you have a million requests back there—follow me on Twitter! Book some paid promo so that you generate at least 3, — 5, downloads during your run.

In fact, the majority of book bloggers now prefer digital copies of your manuscript — in which case, you may want to check out Instafreebie or Bookfunnel, both of which make it easy to generate individual ARC download links that you can send to the reviewers.

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Their prices and results make them less appealing, however. If only a handful of readers have downloaded your book, then a low review rate could just be a fluke. Note: I received a troubling report from an author who said that Your New Books never responded to his payment, never ran his book for reviews, and that he had to file a complaint with his credit card provider to receive a refund. Google Turn to Google to find bloggers who review books similar to yours. A spreadsheet will help you keep track of everyone who has responded and how long it's been since your last contact with them. Nevertheless, many are thoughtful reviewers and good writers, and have a significant following. Goodreads is similar to LibraryThing, but bigger. We can show your book to thousands of additional readers if you submit your book to us. This is just our, sometimes controversial, opinion, based largely on our intuition and some case studies of successful books. However, please note that we will only consider the same book at most once every 3 months.

Reviews take more time than you might think. This is why it is critical that when you launch your book you set everything up to get as many reviews as possible to get momentum going, increase organic traffic, and drive your rankings in the search engines. Only the ice-water of harsh experience convinced me otherwise.

Press release about the launch of your book. Then, when you launch your next book, you can reach out to them again and again.

For some, that will be enough to pique their interest.

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Leave your thoughts in the comments below! I ran one, gave away 20 copies, got zero directly attributable reviews, and called it a day. Have any other career-making mythical effect you may have heard about. Can I see a list of all your readers? Are your readers paid or incentivized to leave reviews? Click on that to open the navigation menu. Using these two numbers, we can compare our expected review numbers using a rule of thumb to the actual number of reviews our book has. Provide as many download formats as possible. You're going to use it later. No gifts allowed. From our side, we do our best to show your books to readers who are most likely to consider downloading your book.

Some want you to just send the book, but many ask for a query. I learned how to connect with them effectively. You can generate interest by posting snippets of the book on Social media, sharing chapters of your work with your list, and promoting your cover to people.

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This is normal. Your book is live and it is time for people to step up.

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How To Get Book Reviews As An Unknown Author