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Orestes knows that he will incur the wrath of the Furies and the gods in committing matricide.

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Many of the lyric poets preserved various myths, but the odes of Pindar of Thebes flourished 6th—5th century bce are particularly rich in myth and legend. Archaeological discoveries The discovery of the Mycenaean civilization by Heinrich Schliemanna 19th-century German amateur archaeologist, and the discovery of the Minoan civilization in Crete from which the Mycenaean ultimately derived by Sir Arthur Evansa 20th-century English archaeologist, are essential to the 21st-century understanding of the development of myth and ritual in the Greek world.

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We see countless characters who go to great lengths in attempts to alter fate, even if they know such an aim to be futile. He speculated that myths arose due to the lack of abstract nouns and neuter gender in ancient languages. Myths are often endorsed by rulers and priests and are closely linked to religion or spirituality.

These three divinities pervade all the stories of Greek myth, whether they be stories of gods, goddesses, demigods, heroes, or mortals and regardless of the exploits recounted.

This feature is found in the northern mythologies of Eurasia and the Americas " Laurasia " while it is missing in the southern mythologies of Subsaharan Africa, New Guinea and Australia " Gondwanaland ". This kind of love causes Alpheus to chase ArethusaApollo to chase Daphneor Zeus to take Europa across an ocean on his back.

Michael Witzel 's reconstruction of many subsequent layers of older mythologies [6] Approaches[ edit ] Comparative mythologists come from various fields, including folkloreanthropologyhistorylinguisticsand religious studiesand they have used a variety of methods to compare myths.

But these tales raise the question of who controls fate, if not the gods. Fate Themes and Colors LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Mythology, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Generosity, altruism, or freely giving to others may not seem to be in the immediate interest of the giver, which might be why these myths reinforce the idea that it is a good quality that should be valued.

These ideas included the recognition that many Eurasian languages—and therefore, conceivably, stories—were all descended from a lost common ancestor the Indo-European language which could rationally be reconstructed through the comparison of its descendant languages.

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The creative sacrifice[ edit ] Many cultures have stories about divine figures whose death creates an essential part of reality. These are some important approaches to comparative mythology. Herodotus One theory claims that myths are distorted accounts of historical events. Michael Witzel. He believed myths began as allegorical descriptions of nature and gradually came to be interpreted literally. Mythopoeic thought Some thinkers claimed that myths result from the personification of objects and forces. Ceyx and Alcyone become birds who fly together for eternity after they die.

The prospect of free will seems rather remote, and even acts of great valor and bravery seem completely useless.

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