Frankenstein projects

This creates a boundary between Victor and the Creature, in the sense that he is allowed to thrive in a compassionate world, with nurturing people like Henrywhile the Creature is neglected, and exposed to its harshest elements nature.

The Acetaminophen Project — Web version, gets ready. The end result eerily echoes themes from the novel. Objective Center the needs of humanity within the larger conversation around AI Frankenstein AI is meant to provoke conversation and exploration around AI, allowing us to build an algorithm powered by emotional data.

Free digital downloads are available to everyone. I think it is safe to say he lives to code. Is a social media hashtag a living organism? April 23 Students read their parodies in the Frankenstein Literature class. And, just as Victor needed to tell his story to another adventurer, our students needed to present their work to other scientists at the ISU High School Science Symposium.

Students today worked on their proposals for Maker Faire Chicago, and continued work on their projects in Bioethics.

frankenstein art project
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Frankenstein Project