Essay on effects of modernization

effects of modernization on the family

Cultures do not always have to modify themselves and adapt to the global changes that are being imposed upon them. Still, in spite of all the convenience modernisation has offered us, our earth, its environment is heavily affected, and the situation is going worse with each passing day.

impact of modernization on youth

With this newfound power and technology, it also became an imperialistic country. The way number of vehicles are increasing all over the world, the manner in which water bodies are getting polluted, the way soil is getting dirtier with each passing day clearly suggest that doomsday is not really far.

As we look at societies and cultures around the world we will see how these four characteristics play a large part in explaining the effects of modernization on each.

essay on modernization

Unable to defend themselves from the superior Japanese capabilities, China had to cede parts of its lands and open its ports for an indefinite amount of time Perry had been sent to force the Japanese inhabitants to concede the following: Protection for American soldiers, opening of one or two ports for repairs and refueling coal and the opening of one or more ports for trading purposes When it comes to gender knowledge, we learn about who we are through media and from our surrounding environment that is our family and friends who as well is part of the same society influenced similar This is why Japan never felt a strong resistance against the introduction of Western culture.

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Essay The Impact of Modernization on Women