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Use this dialog box to view, add, or remove tax codes and recalculate the tax amount, or to change the tax amount.

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If you change the column order, the Line column is inserted on the right side of the grid. This selection is also disappointed on the Impressionist Backup tab in High Terms.

Vision automatically enters the project name in the Project Name field.

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This is the merchant or description from the credit card statement that helps employees identify a charge. Submitted — The expense report has been submitted for processing, but has not yet been approved.

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If the payment amount is not in the same currency as the functional currency of the employee's company, the amount displays in a blue font.

Your selections are saved and remain in effect until you change them.

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The current status of the expense report also displays in this section: Draft Copy — The expense report is In Progress. Report Date The date that the employee created the expense report displays here. In the first field, enter a monetary amount. A mission-critical technology in the financial services marketplace for many years, Deltek has harnessed the power of Visualization for the project-focused organization, enabling project-focused professional services firms to instantly discover trends and opportunities across their entire project portfolio. Users must enter a task number in the Task field; Vision automatically enters the task name in the Task Name field. Instead, enter a new expense report and add a reversing item to that expense report. Total Due This column displays the total amount your firm owes the employee. Select Name to display the Phase Name field. Ensure that hours and expenses collected are immediately accessible throughout the system and eliminate redundant data entry that leads to errors and omissions. Vendors included in this list are those that are marked as approved for use in processing in the Vendor Info Center for your current company and are available based on your security role. Tax-2 Code This column displays the tax-2 code entered for the expense item, if applicable. Use this dialog box to enter the business reason for the expense, where you traveled from and to, and any miles or kilometers involved.
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