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After reading the book I felt very upset and deeply moved. Mother cares very much about Big Joe.

Feelings and attitudes were also described in great depth. What hooks you? Tommo becomes the only one still at school when Charlie and Molly leave and start working for the Colonel. Charlie Peaceful Charlie is Tommo's older brother and protector.

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This eventually excludes Tommy from the group and adds to the fact that he does not belong. Peaceful and Molly.

Morpurgo depicts the rattling of the machine guns and the screams of the soldiers that were cut short. She made him get rid of all of his animals: the slowworm, the two lizards, the hedgehog. Big Joe wanted to be with Bertha, so he would try to go where she was, heaven. Even when he is looking back on his childhood, he is barely older than a child, being in his late teens during his service in the war. The essays in our library are intended to serve as content examples to inspire you as you write your own essay. Money for essay diwali Fantasy story essay vampire My favourite sport tennis essay wrestling my family holidays essay kindergarten time management student essay short. Throughout his life, he has relied on his older brother, Charlie, for guidance and protection, and this has not changed while they have been in the same regiment together. She seems ready to side with anyone against the boys and seems to relish the idea of corporal punishment. The Colonel The Colonel is the local land-owner and the most powerful man in their village. Molly asks Tommo to take care of Charlie when they go to France because she knows that, despite the fact that Tommo is younger, he is also more careful and less likely to put himself in danger. For example sergeant Hanley wants the soldiers to go out of the dugout and face the guns; however, he himself knows that most of them will face their death this way. I kept thinking about what a terrible time it must have been.

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