Calculating and interpreting a project network

Benefits of network diagram in Project Management? An activity network project diagram is a diagram visual representation of all the sequential and dependent activities within a project. Therefore, the 9 additional weeks added to both task D and task E will not have any affect to its successor task H as the LS for task H is week Then we will define each possible path in this network diagram from start of the project until the end, and then we will define the longest path in this network diagram, which will give us the critical path.

The snapshot of activities aids in how a PM organises the project. Because, when you are getting close finishing the project, you will have less room to accommodate surprises or risks.

how to calculate critical path in ms project

Activities 2 and 7 have Activity 5 as an immediate predecessor. And free float is the amount of time that an activity can be delayed, without delaying the early start date.

Critical path method

Completed picnic-at-the-lake network diagram. You haven't defined what these non-critical tasks represent, but since they're not on your critical path they probably represent: Optional features. We will use late finish and early finish values to calculate the float. Scenario 1 — Task D and E are delayed by 9 weeks: Task D has an EF date of 16; thus, if 9 additional weeks were added to task D it would be completed at the end of week So the earliest finish duration for Activity E is 12 days. And if we calculate the durations of the activities on this path, we will have 31 days as the duration of Path 2. Your Sub-Critical Path Doesn't Add Slack Delays in tasks or milestones that aren't on your critical path shouldn't delay the overall project. However, if the project is delaying, some activities might have negative floats because the previous project duration is no longer valid. In this way, if they complete each node in its established shortest time, the project will be completed faster. That seems bad. And once it is done, you will reach this network diagram below.

Now we will calculate the float of activity E. We have completed defining the interrelationship of 8 activities.

Calculating and interpreting a project network

In order to draw the network diagram, first, we will define the relationships of each activity. We will go over these paths one-by-one now to identify critical path of the project. Now we will calculate the float of activity E. Depict Activity 5 with a box and draw an arrow to it from the Start box. When we subtract the duration of these activities from the project duration which is 33 days, we will find the late finish value of Activity E as 13 days. A Better Model for Slack with Critical Path According to Wikipedia's entry on the critical path method : Although the activity-on-arrow diagram "PERT Chart" is still used in a few places, it has generally been superseded by the activity-on-node diagram, where each activity is shown as a box or node and the arrows represent the logical relationships going from predecessor to successor as shown here in the "Activity-on-node diagram". A project team is more likely to identify potential opportunities within the project since a network diagrams serves as a visual representation of the project which helps to paint a clearer picture and give a more in-depth understanding of the project.

Gives you buckets of time, money, or team capacity to borrow against, rather than forcing a recalculation of your plan at every hiccup.

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Network Diagram Project Management