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Also, teachers may wish to modify the conditions of the task and permit students to bring their Yakult case study research notes into the assessment session.

understanding business management

However, quick notice that depleted stocks need to be replaced is critical to the success of the JIT approach. The First Day The most important aspect of the first day is making time for the new employee. Distinguish between the operations management system of a service organisation e.

understanding business management

Processes: Yakult uses energy-efficient processes to minimise the impact of its operations on the environment. Inventory control can also be managed using up-to-date computer technology, thus improving the operations of a service organisation such as a hotel.

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Explain one factor that Yakult could have considered in designing the layout of its operations at Dandenong. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with this website.

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Solid wastes: the amount of solid waste is relatively small and a number of measures are made to reduce waste. While every care is taken, we accept no responsibility for the accuracy of information or advice contained in Compak. People are more likely to work for ethical and socially responsible organisations, which means the company will be able to secure and retain high-quality staff. You need to submit Assessment Cover Sheet for each assessment. For full marks, students need to describe the three elements and provide one example of each element based on the Yakult case study. The process used at Yakult is a complex one that requires: mixing the raw materials, followed by sterilisation then fermentation; adding flavour, storing the mixture in tanks, adding sterilised water and mixing it; then filling sterilised bottles manufactured on-site; and capping and then sealing the bottles and packaging them for shipment. If quality control is not evident in the services provided by a hotel, then customers may not re-book.

Question 10 The Dandenong plant in Victoria is the only factory in Australia and produces products for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Paper products skim milk powder bags, etc. The task examines the operations system used at Yakult, a Japanese company with a subsidiary in Victoria.

After I carried out some research and looked at a typical manufacturing business today, I have done a report for the businessmen. Individual bottles are randomly inspected for incorrect printing, undesirable markings and lid sealing.

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Essay on Business: Management and Assessment Task