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Implicit in this constitutional vision are remedial and restitutionary measures for the achievement of the constitutional goal of a free, prosperous and egalitarian South African society.

Introduction During Apartheid, black people were excluded from major parts of South Africa's economy. The distribution of income is unequal overall.

Managerial and economic empowerment

To maximize this function, I will derive it with respect to labor L and set it equal to zero. Jeffery , p. Kubheka, Sipho. The practical operation of the programme was analysed and that information was used to draw conclusions on the constitutionality of the programme when placed in the framework provided by the relevant constitutional provisions. This study explores how and why these contestations arise. If the respective company receives a low rating on the scorecard, there will likely be a negative effect on their profit compared to a company with a high rating. The constitutional imperative for policy tools to transform the South African economy in particular, by means of black economic empowerment is therefore clear. This resulted in an unequal income distribution in South Africa. Companies which do not comply with this legislation will not be punished, but they may be unable compete for government funded projects.

During the last decades of Apartheid, more black people participated in the economy, and the black middle class was strengthened by an increase in the average income of the black population. In order to reduce this inequality and equalize opportunities between the different races in South Africa, the government implemented an affirmative action program called Black Economic Empowerment BEE in It provides that everyone is equal before the law and has the right to equal protection and benefit of the law and entrenches the right not to be discriminated against, either directly or indirectly, on a number of specifically enumerated and analogous grounds.

The inclusion of values, principles and rights on which this new society is based does not, by virtue of its design, erase all the consequences of the previous discriminatory policies. Kubheka, Sipho. Companies which do not comply with this legislation will not be punished, but they may be unable compete for government funded projects.

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B-BBEE defines rules and regulations such that companies have an incentive to do business with the government and its institutions. Colonialism and Apartheid aimed to maintain the power of the white minority.

managerial and economic empowerment challenges

Table 1: Elements of a BEE scorecard and their respective weights illustration not visible in this excerpt Source: Own representation based on Jefferyp.

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The constitutional framework for broad