Analysisi of one art

And, vaster, some realms I owned, two rivers, a continent. In One Art, the poet allows us to take notice of the natural process of loss that permeates our life on an everyday basis, and in this way prevent us from losing ourselves in the process. The loss of small material things can be coped with.

As more decades are piled upon our shoulders there will only be more loss and heartache — sadly it is the very core and nature of our existence as humans.

when was one art published

On one hand we are dealing with a simple place, yet this is also the language of fantasy novels and Arthurian legend. This is the person to whom the poem is addressed. The absent minded perhaps? The lines that I explain in the paragraphs to come show just how much real pain this final loss has caused.

Such an object is a cherished link to the past, perhaps a family heirloom. We often have to make surmises, put forth educated guesses, when considering their motivations and intentions. The writer uses the words vaster and disaster to create a rhythm that helps the poem flow, and she does the same with other word choices throughout the poem: master and disaster, fluster and master, last, or and master.

And note that the speaker is in the here and now when the words And look! Traditionally the villanelle is in iambic pentameter, each line having five stresses or beats and an average of ten syllables.

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