An examination of hamlet tragic hero or madman

This is how Shakespeare makes it difficult to determine if Hamlet is truly mad.

is hamlet a tragic hero or not

William Shakespeare, the writer of the tragic play Hamlet leaves the audience to decide whether Hamlet is truly mad or not. Gertrude drinks the poisoned wine, by accident, and dies.

How is hamlet a tragic hero and what is his tragic flaw

We first see a glimpse of madness with Hamlet who pretends to be mad, using it as a cunning mask while he battles with his own mind and conscience over the idea of revenge. As the son of the late king, Hamlet is a prince and next in line for the throne. Works Cited DiYanni, Robert. The Greek philosopher Aristotle defined the tragic hero with Oedipus as the archetype a great man at the pinnacle of his power who, through a flaw in his own character, topples, taking everyone in his jurisdiction with him. Hamlet fulfills the Aristotelian requirement that the tragic hero invoke in us a deep sense of pity and fear, that we learn from him how not to conduct our lives. His anger over Claudius' and Gertrude's relationship could as easily result from a general distaste for sexual activity as from desire to be with his mother. Hamlet Study Center. He is stuck, unable to avenge his father's death because words control him.

This essay will treat this aspect of the drama. A tragic hero must own many good traits, but has a flaw that ultimately leads to his downfall. Mad is a word with such uncertainty that it can be stretched to mean an abundance of things more than just pure psychological instability: a weariness of life; a suicidal impulse; a plotting charisma.

The result is that, torn within himself, he suffers mental torture.

hamlet tragic flaw analysis

If not for this tragic flaw, the hero would be able to survive at the end of the play He is appalled by Gertrude's show of her pleasure at Claudius' touch, and he clearly loathes women.

However, his mind is not able to justify murder for any reason; therefore, he truly goes insane before he is able to fulfill his scheme. This malicious manner towards Gertrude indicates deep emotional corruption, which causes Hamlet to berate his own mother, who cares for him dearly.

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Hamlet Is Not a Tragic Hero