An analysis of finance minister paul martins budget in the liberal government in 1997

Intriguingly, the politics of coping with a surplus were much more complex than the politics of deficit targeting.

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Near the end of the election, Martin and Harper both pledged that they would not form a government unless they won a plurality of seats. Ratios for both levels of government have fallen since, with the federal ratio for at A society based on compassion and caring; not indifference or neglect.

From onward, g-i declines and then becomes negative in the early s, eventually culminating in a relationship where i exceeds g by over four percentage points. The argument went as follows: Just because governments are unwilling to rein in their deficits is no reason for the Bank of Canada not to do what it can best do, namely to generate a low and stable inflation rate for Canada.

Martin claimed Stronach's move was due to concerns over the direction the Conservative Party was taking; others accused Stronach of political opportunism.

The fall of the government was averted only after agreement on a watered-down version of the amendment.

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If you want to know what a prime minister would really like to do, take a look at what they did when they had no restrictions on their power. CAW economist Jim Stanford said that a combination of a spending freeze at levels and lower interest rates would have eliminated the deficit in two years through economic growth alone, without the reduction in services. One unreleased ad was seen widely as disrespectful of the military and it not only overshadowed the other ads but also forced Martin to defend it instead of releasing new policies. It depends, in part, on whether or not they have a record to go by. The goal is to ensure uniformity of public service provision across the nation. Many Liberals looked to replace Turner with a political newcomer. Paul Martin Sr. The s Recession Table 1 presents debt and deficit data relating to the early s recession. Courchene concludes with a few comments on the impact of September 11, From onward, g-i declines and then becomes negative in the early s, eventually culminating in a relationship where i exceeds g by over four percentage points. Martin's election as leader and becoming prime minister was described as fulfilling a family dream. Without all the pain. In addition, Ottawa embarked on a fresh set of spending initiatives directed toward education and early childhood development.

Promises broken. This was probably most noticeable in health careas major reductions in federal funding to the provinces meant significant cuts in service delivery. Consequently, Martin oversaw the creation of a general public consultation process in February that eventually led to major structural reform of the CPP.

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They did not plan much serious campaigning during December, allowing the Conservatives to take the initiative in rolling out policy ideas. While this was disastrous for the country, it does give us a crystal clear view of what the man is really all about. It was radical decentralization. Floating Rates and the End of Discipline While the fiscal dynamics underpinning Figure 1 appear, at first blush, to carry considerable explanatory power in that from the mids the aggregate expenditures for major industrial countries as a whole increased relative to their aggregate revenues and remained higher until well into the s,6 there are other explanations for the timing of the marked shift toward fiscal deficits. Of more importance was the tremendous news on the economic front. Not for a minute. Another persistent myth is that it was Martin's huge budget cuts from that killed the deficit. A cut in the federal civil service of nearly 50, persons or 25 percent. In —96, when these cuts were made, economic growth decreased by 3. Judging Martin on the recent minority government doesn't count - he was trying to stay in power and had to please the NDP and the public with at least some progressive policies. CSL reverted to an operating division of Power Corporation. You are what keep us sustainable.
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Paul Martin: He has a record