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Perhaps more important, the price of the earlier comeback had been millions of dead Frenchmen, and there was simply no will to try that experiment again. This was achieved only with some coaxing from his advisers at key moments but, then, he had chosen the advisers and with sporadic fits of spleen—but in the end de Gaulle always offered a staunch reaffirmation of republican values. In the winter of —, thirty soldiers "not counting Annamese " died from so-called "German flu", seven of them from de Gaulle's battalion. He knew Corneille by heart and could quote his plays, and this immersion, Jackson makes plain, was not merely for show. By the end of his first year he had risen to 45th place. He convinced others, sitting at the card table with all the aces in their hands, that he might have somehow manufactured an extra ace by pure force of will. By Adam Gopnik August 13, De Gaulle was a grandiose reactionary, but he upheld French republicanism, and stiffened the spine of liberal democracy. He also thought it would be a precursor to a deeper national reorganisation, and wrote that "a master has to make his appearance [ The Vichy regime, in the blindness of its hatred, helped create—and promote—the de Gaulle brand. However, there is no contemporary evidence that he understood the importance of artillery in modern warfare.

And so de Gaulle chose exile. Having entered 33rd out ofhe graduated in 52nd place, with a grade of assez bien "good enough". The idea of French honor, quaint but essential, was revived.

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However, there is no contemporary evidence that he understood the importance of artillery in modern warfare. On the other hand, perhaps the lens of a biography yields a hazier focus on those logics of power which are not reducible to a single individual but in which he or she is imbricated.

It was as keenly symbolic of Gaullist triumph as any law or edict, but, though the alteration is mentioned, we never really see it or feel it.

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Jackson writes wonderful political history, but social history does not sneak into his work very often or very well: the larger world of literature and commentary in which French political life is always entangled is not dramatized with any relish, giving the biography a slightly dutiful monotone.

His service at SGDN gave him six years' experience of the interface between army planning and government, enabling him to take on ministerial responsibilities in France is a frustrating state, but it has never been a failed one.

He made two speeches on the BBC that, Jackson documents, could not have been heard by very many Frenchmen and yet somehow burned through the damaged French consciousness.

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His life is proof that unapologetic right-wing politics do not necessarily bend toward absolutism; they can also sometimes stiffen the spine of liberal democracy. He came to understand that only revolutionary republican values could speak to a working class in need of a democratic alternative to Communism.

The future Marshal Alphonse Juin passed out first in the class, although the two do not appear to have been close friends at the time.

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Gradually, de Gaulle shored up his authority over the Free French in London, while his ongoing broadcasts from the BBC crystallized a myth of de Gaulle among his clandestine French audiences. Such an army would both compensate for France's population shortage, and be an efficient tool to enforce international law, particularly the Treaty of Versailles , which forbade Germany from rearming. He had been exposed at length to the philosopher Henri Bergson, whom he chose to read as a kind of proto-existentialist. De Gaulle's tanks were inspected by President Lebrun , who was impressed, but regretted that it was too late to implement his ideas. On 12 September he attacked at Bitche , simultaneously with the Saar Offensive. The patriot loves his place and its cheeses and its people and its idiosyncrasies; the nationalist has no particular sense of affection for the actual place he advocates for he is often an outsider to it but channels his obsessive grievances into acts of ethnic vengeance. Many of the officers in the audience were his seniors, who had taught and examined him only a few years earlier. The ability of each new President to survive the coming wave of street protests became even more important than his ability to hold the legislature together. By the end of his first year he had risen to 45th place. However, the French Fifth Army commander, General Charles Lanrezac , remained wed to 19th-century battle tactics, throwing his units into pointless bayonet charges with bugles and full colours flying against the German artillery, incurring heavy losses. However, there is no contemporary evidence that he understood the importance of artillery in modern warfare. Only when, with the help of Moulin, he saw that there was resistance within the occupied country did his tactics and politics change. Which is to say, the ruler whose right to rule has only recently been asserted and remains flimsy, questionable, and contested—the arbitrariness and underlying force of which have no recourse to tradition.
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How Charles de Gaulle Rescued France